Release History

Details of the release history for the plugin below. We're always open to user feedback to make the plugin even better, if you'd like to contribute, please submit to the RFCs section of our forum.

Version 1.5

Improvements to styling for new WHM layout.

Released: 22nd Nov 2017

- Improvements to styling for new WHM layout.

Version 1.4

Dynamic backup paths, dynamic backup paths, pre/post code execution option.

Released: 5th Nov 2013

- Option to set dynamic local backup paths based on date format.
- Option to set multiple local backup paths separated by a semi-colon.
- Option to set shell code to run pre/post s3 backup.
- Better handling of 'No response from subprocess' for plugin interface.

Version 1.2

Restore script, follow symlinks, backup retention, large files.

Released: 2nd Apr 2013

- Option to follow symlinks.
- Option to set backup retention to none, last 3, or last 7 days of the week.
- Option to pass --showlog to script to view output when manually running it.
- Better support for larger files using optional 'put' method.
- Added script to retrieve backups. Usage detailed in the WHM plugin.
- Included s3cmd in the plugin install.

Version 1.0

Initial Release

Released: 9th Aug 2012

Initial release.